Install .wfz Watchface to Amazfit Pace

Download Free Amazfit Pace Watchface

However, there is a way of doing this. Let me tell you the way, step-by-step.

  • At first, update your Amazfit Pace firmware to the latest version.
  • Connect your Amazfit Pace with your computer.
  • If you are in Mac, open “Android File Transfer” tool (Download and install it if you don’t have it already). If you are in Windows, simply go to this device storage from your My Computer or any way convenient for you.
  • In the root directory of this device, you should see a directory called “WatchFace”. If you don’t see one, create one.
  • Download Amazfit Pace Watchface here
  • After creating/downloading, simply copy your watch face file (with .wfz extension) inside that “WatchFace” directory.